Are you longing to serve on the missions fields and unsure how to begin?

That’s a great goal for life–wanting to serve. Wanting to serve in any place will train you to serve on a missions trip in some ways you might not expect. It all begins with the willingness to ask God good questions in prayer and then start to serve in the best ways you know how to do right where you are. 

How do you wash a dish in the sink or dishwasher at home–is it done with love and care for the next person who will use the dish? How do you speak with your coworkers about critical matters during high-pressure moments? Do you maintain your composure and stay focused on the task and care for people while remaining alert to the Holy Spirit? 

Do you remember young Samuel when he ran to Eli as God called on him because he thought it was Eli calling for him? That’s a willing heart. He wanted to see what Eli needed, so he got up to go to him (1 Samuel 3:1-21). We can be like this.

You are stronger than you know!

Many people don’t realize they already are servant-leaders in the making or they are already making a difference in that way. 

Every time we accept responsibility for something, commit to it, and see it through–that is service and leadership in action. Doctors and nurses who studied, prepared themselves, and practiced all they would need to in order to become medical professionals are one example of this. Students and parents who learn how to fundraise for their friends’ mission trips and go out in the community to help make it happen are another example.

We so often hear words like “leadership” or “service” and perhaps think it will involve the more difficult types of work that we feel unprepared for or not called to do, and sometimes it might be more difficult, but not necessarily something we’re not called to do. God will give you strength and grace for it. He allows you to go into challenges that will build character and other traits, so there is no need to feel we are too weak or unknowledgeable to improve our leadership skills and enlarge our servant hearts.

You know more than you think you do!

Younger or older, you have knowledge and experience others do not have. Your specific way of seeing a need and filling it might differ from someone else’s way, but when it’s paired with a group of people intently focused on serving others and leading themselves with honor and love, it’s boosted–and it might boost what others are doing too. So don’t be afraid to come off the sidelines and volunteer to go support a mission’s trip in some way. You might be surprised what you can learn, how you will grow, and how others around you will learn and grow too.

What are you waiting for?

There is plenty of work to be done all over the world, so if you’re ready, you can begin. You don’t have to wait till you’re a great dishwasher or communicator to go on a mission’s trip, by the way. You just need a willing heart and faith. If you’re interested in learning more about our upcoming 2024 destinations, have a look here

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