Medical Mission Trips for Students & Other Non-Medical Volunteers

There’s a place for everyone to bring healing and hope through medical missions. 

Your Presence Can Make All The Difference

Hear about Adela’s experiences helping others and her incredible story of healing.


God has a critical role for you to play in medical missions!


There are 400 million people in this world living without access to basic healthcare, but you can take action.


Non-medical volunteers often ask, “How can I make a difference? Isn’t this for professionals only?”


When the need is so great, there are many ways for you to serve!

Non-medical volunteers spend time sharing, teaching, and praying with people during our visits to underserved communities. You might be surprised how you step in to support our medical professionals in the relief work and the many opportunities you will have to share the gospel!

What Kind of non-medical volunteers do we need?

  • Attorney
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • IT
  • Businessman
  • Teacher
  • and more

If you’re not on this list, please reach out! Non-medical volunteers can make a powerful impact on our medical trips!

Non medical volunteers in Africa with Mission Partners for Christ

Our non-medical volunteers support our medical practitioners in many different ways!

  • They help us with the logistics of setting up and managing our temporary clinics.
  • They help with basic intake tasks like weighing children on a scale.
  • They assist with distribution in our pharmacy.
  • They distribute eyeglasses and expandable shoes to patients.
  • They spend time with the children of patients who are waiting to be seen!
  • This can be a powerful ministry in of itself, to bring comfort to children in an unfamiliar situation!

These are just a few examples of how God will use you on our team!

Non medical volunteers in Africa with Mission Partners for Christ

Non-medical volunteers experience the same life-changing transformations as our medical professionals!

We’ve seen so many volunteers struggle with the decision to join our trips, but every time, we’ve also seen God provide in powerful ways.

The concerns they have before joining us on a medical mission are quickly eclipsed by the blessings they experience.

  • They feel like they’re making a difference at a level of depth they’ve never imagined.
  • They make powerful friendships along the way.
  • They feel God’s presence in powerful ways, witness the Holy Spirit at work in new ways, and deepen their relationship with Christ…
  • They find their spirits refreshed and renewed.


Non medical volunteers in Africa with Mission Partners for Christ

What’s expected of non-medical volunteers on your trips?

Participants should be someone who shares our mission to deliver both high quality medical care and the hope of the gospel to people in need.

We need people who are team players, flexible, and open to new experiences. This is an experience like no other, and the unexpected lies ahead.

On the practical side of things, there are a few team meetings prior to the trip, and during the trip, we ask people to attend morning worship and a debrief time at the end of the day.

Together we can make a difference.

Register for one of our upcoming trips to help us bring hope and healing to the unreached in Africa.

What Participants Have To Say:

Little did I know at that time, how my life trajectory would change, based on the work that I've been able to participate in with MPFC. If nothing else is accomplished in my life, I want to continue to be a part of the Gospel spread in Africa- in whatever ways God is going to use me!”

Rosemary Fisher, NP

Has served on 4 MPFC Missions

Each trip brings a new adventure. A new journey. New experiences. I am in awe of all of God's creation and seeing His handiwork displayed."

Jacki Bush, Radiology Tech

Has served on 6 MPFC Missions

Working with MPFC is not just going on a mission but also growing spiritually. I learned from each member, but also I got to know new people and love them."

Dr. Herve Tistou

Has served on 2 MPFC Missions