FAQs About Medical Mission Work


Get Answers to Some of Your Questions About Medical Mission Trips.

I don’t have any medical training, can I still join a team?

YES! Our medical mission teams rely heavily on medical professionals to provide care but there are many other roles that can easily be filled by the non-medical professional. Volunteers may collect information, teach patients on basic care, and help keep our clinic running smoothly.

What do your medical mission teams do?

Mission Partners for Christ organizes and leads medical mission trips around the world. Our teams partner with local organizations to provide free health screenings, education, and treatments in their communities. Teams consist of physicians, nurses, techs, and non-medically trained volunteers. No medical experience is required. We train our volunteers to meet the specific needs of the community we are visiting.

I am not able travel at this time, how can I help?

There are many tasks that must be completed before our teams leave the country. Local volunteers are needed to collect, organize, and pack donated medical supplies. We also have a prayer team that covers each volunteer, our partner organizations, and those we are serving. Please reach out via our contact form to find the perfect way you can serve!

Can someone from your ministry speak at my event?

Of course! Founder Sheri Postma regularly speaks about Mission Partners for Christ at meetings, events, and conferences. Please reach out via our contact form to check her availability.

Is Mission Partners for Christ a non-profit?

Yes Mission Partners for Christ has a 501c3 status.

What is included in the cost of the trip?

The cost of each trip includes meals, travels, and accommodations during the trip. If a tourism day is built into the trip, travel is included. Participants are responsible for the cost of souvenirs or other optional activities they wish to pursue.

Your costs seem low, how is the cost of a trip determined?

Costs for our medical missions trips are determined by the cost of airfare and accommodations for each location. We are able to keep our costs significantly lower than most medical mission trips because there are no administration fees or supply fees added to the price.

Do you accept non-cash donations?

In some cases, yes. We are nearly always in need of medical supplies, medications, and basic hygiene supplies. Please contact us to discuss our current needs.

Where will we be staying and what should I pack?

Accommodations and suggested packing list will vary depending on the location of the trip. Team members will receive more guidance on this after registering for their trip.

What are the health and documentation requirements for international travel?

Requirements vary depending on your destination. Country-specific information can be found at https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/country.html.

I would like to serve on a medical missions trip, but I am anxious about going. What advice do you have?

Many of our trip volunteers have expressed anxiety concerning many different aspects of serving on a medical missions trip: traveling alone, working alongside strangers, the uncertainty of what is waiting in the area we’ll be serving, and the health issues associated with traveling Covid. It might be helpful to hear directly from one of our medical mission volunteers about this very thing. Read Rosemary’s testimony here.

What sort of spiritual preparation is there for a medical mission trip?

Prior to each trip, MPFC volunteers will have a chance to participate in Bible study prior to the start of the trip. We will go through the assigned devotionals and Bible readings as a group, and pray together. Many of our past participants have told us how much they appreciate the chance to seek God together as a group. Not only does it help our volunteers to prepare for the trip ahead, but it also helps create a sense of unity between all trip participants.

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