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Fund medical mission scholarships & more: at Mission Partners for Christ, 100% of your donation goes directly towards supporting our medical mission trips!

Send healing and hope!

Help our team reach the most underserved communities in Africa and change lives through your donation.

Everyone deserves access to basic healthcare and to feel safe and protected from preventable illnesses.

And everyone needs to hear the Gospel of Jesus.

The need for both in the world is staggering, but you can make a difference by supporting our teams of medical professionals and volunteers.

It’s important you know that 100% of your donation goes to support our medical mission trips!

Of course, the first thing people ask is “How is that possible?” It’s because our administrative team is all volunteer.

You should also know we carefully control the costs of our trips.
  • 5We negotiate discounts for all of our medications and medical supplies.
  • 5We carefully control the costs of travel for participants. In 2024, all of our medical mission trips, including room, board, and travel, cost our volunteers under $3,000!
  • 5God is so good. He provides for our mission work in powerful, often surprising ways. All we ask is that you consider prayerfully whether he’s calling you to be part of His plan for our next mission.

Sheri Postma

Founder, Mission Partners for Christ

Here’s what it takes to launch a 10-day medical mission to Africa.

Medical Mission Supplies

We take more supplies to Africa than nearly any other medical mission team.

We want to be prepared, and we are determined to leave additional supplies behind for the people who desperately need them.

Our participants are required to pack all of their stuff in their carry-on. Then, they bring their two checked suitcases FULL of supplies!

Mission Partners for Christ in Burundi

Here are some things that are typically on every trip’s “shopping list.”

  • 25,000 Children’s Vitamins
  • 50,000 Adult Vitamins
  • 50,000 Pain Reliever Pills
  • A Massive Pharmacy Including Malaria Medications, Antibiotics, Parasite Medications, and Much More.
  • 500 Eyeglasses from Restoring Vision
  • 180 Expandable Shoes from Because International
  • Nutritious Manna Meal Packs from Feed My Starving Children
  • And much, much more…
Mission Partners for Christ in Burundi

We also bring tools for sharing the gospel.

  • Solar audio bibles from MegaVoice
  • Jesus Film portable projection kits

And we make sure each community has access to clean water. If they don’t we raise an additional $15,000 to build one.

Beyond supplies, funds are required for travel, room, board, security, translators, and many other services needed to make our trips a success. Each trip is a massive partnership made up of our partners, volunteers, and donors like you.

There are many ways to get involved!

Join A Trip

There are roles for everyone on medical mission trips, regardless of your background or training.

Make A Donation

Help us purchase medicine, medical supplies, and items like glasses and shoes for our trips.

Pray With Us

Your prayers do make a difference, and we invite you to join one of our virtual prayer meetings.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Acts 20:35