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Answering the call to serve the unreached through the word and deed.
Learn about our Global Health Ministry & outreach. 

Mission Partners for Christ sends teams of doctors and volunteers to unreached communities in Africa so they can receive life-saving medical care while hearing the gospel for the first time.

Learn about Mission Partners For Christ’s ministry.

Mission Partners for Christ in Burundi

400 million people worldwide live without access to basic healthcare.

This causes countless deaths from treatable medical conditions. To make matters worse, many of these people die without knowing Jesus or ever hearing the Gospel.

Mission Partners for Christ in Burundi

As Christ followers, we believe it’s our job to bring physical and spiritual relief in the name of Jesus.

It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of such overwhelming need in remote, unreached areas, but we know that in Christ, we have more help than we can possibly imagine.

With faith in God’s goodness and love, Mission Partners for Christ travels to places without doctors or medical professionals, and we show the love of Christ through life-saving medical care and health education that continues long after we leave.

Mission Partners for Christ in Burundi

Here’s how our mission trips make an impact.


First, we identify a community in Africa that is both unreached by the gospel and in need of medical care.


Next, we work with local guides and officials to organize treatment centers and gospel-sharing activities in that community.


Finally, we assemble teams of Christ-following doctors, healthcare professionals, and other volunteers to provide medical education and care while telling others about Jesus.

There are many ways to get involved!

Join A Trip

There are roles for everyone on our trips, no matter what your background or training is.

Make A Donation

Help us purchase medicine, medical supplies, and items like glasses and shoes for our trips.

Pray With Us

Your prayers make a difference, and we invite you to join our virtual prayer meetings.

Speaking of support, we couldn’t do this without our partners!

There’s a good reason why our name is Mission Partners for Christ. It takes more than 15 different partner organizations to support the logistics of our mission trips and source the supplies we need to make them a success.

Learn more about our partner organizations and how yours can become one by clicking the button below.

Mission Partners for Christ in Burundi

Our Origin Story and Founding Principles

Sheri on a Medical Mission Trip in Burundi

How It All Began

In 2008, our founder Sheri Postma, a registered nurse, participated in her first medical mission trip. Her life was forever changed by the people she met and the enormous need she saw for both healthcare and the gospel of Jesus.

Mission Partners for Christ grew out of her desire to provide free medical care and to allow volunteers to minister to communities in need around the world.

Medical Mission Trip in Burundi

Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves access to high quality medical care and the gospel. Mission Partners for Christ partners with local Christian organizations to provide medication, treatment, screenings, and health education in underserved communities around the world.

Along the way, we work to deepen relationships with partners and create additional ministry opportunities for them to continue providing care after our teams depart.

Prayer during medical mission trip

Statement of Faith

At Mission Partners For Christ, we believe:

The Bible to be the inspired Word of God.
There is one God revealed as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe in the salvation of sinners by grace, through repentance and faith.

Download our full statement of faith.

Meet Our Team

Our core administrative team at Mission Partners for Christ is made up of professionals who are all expert in their field but donate their time so that 100% of our donations can go direct to supporting mission trips.

Sheri Postma

Sheri Postma

President and Founder, MPFC

Sheri went on her first mission trip in 2007 to serve in Reynosa Mexico, as a way to bond with her two teenage sons. There, as they worked together to build a home for an impoverished family, Sheri heard God clearly call her to the mission field to do more.

Shocked by this revelation, Sheri then followed God’s call to her very first medical mission trip in 2008, where she discovered that she had unique skills to offer. Finally, in 2016, she received a clear call to medical missions, and Mission Partners For Christ was born!

Sheri’s experience includes:

Sheri Postma earned her degree in 1988 from South Suburban College.


The many positions she’s held in her professional career include: traveling nurse, supervisor of Pediatric Home Health Care Agency, and Nurse Associate for the Chief of Neurosurgery at University of Chicago Medical Center


Has served in various positions of leadership in church small groups and nonprofit organizations

Shari Smith

Shari Smith

Assistant to the Founder and Social Media Manager

Growing up, Shari used to dream about becoming a missionary. She used to imagine herself living in foreign lands, speaking new languages and immersing herself in different cultures. As she dreamt, she would also devour books written by those who had the honor of working directly with those who had never heard of Jesus.

As she grew up, life took her away from her missionary dreams, but she always held onto that hope of making a difference in the lives of others. In 2022, Shari was introduced to Sheri Postma and Mission Partners For Christ and she began to work for the organization as both an assistant to Sheri and social media manager.

Shari’s experience includes:

Working with nonprofits and social good organizations such as: Beyond The Wound, Ezer Rising, Bare Marriage with Sheila Gregoire, and more.


Research, copywriting/editing, proofreading, social media management, graphic creation, and community engagement on social media platforms.


Sitting on the board for Ezer Rising and helping to facilitate growth strategy for the organization.

Ashley Pintaric

Ashley Pintaric

Consulting Partner and Marketing Director

Meet Ashley Pintaric, founder and CEO of Clarion Blue, a full service marketing agency based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Ashley brings with her a wealth of knowledge from years working directly in missions organizations, living overseas and traveling abroad. Her background in business marketing and sales makes her the perfect match for our team. Ashley knows from firsthand experience what is at stake if Christians do not go and share the good news with those who have never met Jesus and is thankful to be part of the Mission Partners For Christ team!

Ashley’s experience includes:

15+ years in business marketing and sales with companies, agencies, and nonprofits including AT&T, Crossroads Safehouse, English Language Institute/China, Open Says Me, and PetDine.


Certification in Digital Marketing Strategies: Data, Automation, AI & Analytics from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Executive Education, 2019


Assistance in fundraising over $2.4M for global nonprofits through business marketing & sales.

Annmarie Deransburg

Annmarie Deransburg

Donor Relations and Development

Annmarie Deransburg has been working with Mission Partners for Christ for the past 7 years. Currently she oversees Donor Relations and Development and is a board member for Mission Partners For Christ.

Annmarie’s love of missions began in 2007 when through her church, Christian Life Center in Tinley Park; she was exposed first-hand to some of the challenges faced by people on the continent of Africa. She participated in her first International Mission trip in 2012 & again in 2016 to Dakar Senegal, which included several remote areas outside of Dakar. Working as part of a medical team was eye-opening, challenging, and fulfilling. She realized how much better it was to be a blessing than to receive one!

Annmarie’s experience includes:

Prior to working in missions, Annmarie earned a Master’s Degree in Education and worked for 30+ years as a public school educator/coordinator before retiring.


Working with underserved countries through mission work, spreading the love of Christ, and providing health education.


Collaborating administratively on various international mission trips and projects.

Annmarie Deransburg

Marie Randell

Health Education Curriculum Specialist

Marie is a retired school nurse who is currently focusing her attention on health screening and education in the medical mission field. In 2002, Marie was diagnosed with a skull lipoma and degenerative brain disease. In time, Marie was told, she would lose her ability to walk, talk, and even breathe. But by 2004, all MRIs and CT scans revealed that she was healed. Inspired by this miracle, Marie followed God’s calling to nursing school and, eventually, the mission field. As of 2024, Marie is following God’s lead into full-time medical missions.

Marie’s experience includes:

28 years of working in pediatrics and school health (community health).


Creating the health literacy program that Mission Partners For Christ uses on medical mission trips. Her curriculum presents our medical teams with opportunities to share the gospel in restricted access countries.


Serving on 8 short term missions. Marie completed missions training in evangelism and outreach and will be serving full-time in Africa with CAPRO/Calvary Ministries starting in 2024.

Interested in learning more?

We are here to help you answer God’s call to serve the unreached through medical services and sharing the love of Jesus.