Are you a medical professional who has been curious about what it’s like to serve with Mission Partners For Christ in the mission field? Today, Dr. Kimberly Hagerman wants to share her story. She has given us permission to share this here on the blog and she’s offered to speak to anyone who may want to learn more. Message us via the contact form if you would like to reach out. 

If you are a healthcare provider considering going on a short term mission trip, 2024 is the time to go.
Mission Partners For  Christ is the easiest way to serve. Sheri sets up the clinics with help from  local leaders. She does all the leg work. Providers just need to use their skills to provide basic medical care, share the love of God and show your love of others. 
After my first trip , I felt inadequate. I wondered how vitamins, Tylenol and a brief interaction could improve anything for the local people. Satan placed a lot a doubts in my mind.

But God wins!

We have kept in contact with the pastor who was the local contact. I have heard multiple stories of lives changed. A church has been established in one of the small villages. Many have come to know  Christ. We are making a difference. 

I feel the need to continue to serve on short term mission trips. I am a primary care physician. I can provide healthcare, education and love to the local people and so can you. I don’t have any special training in tropical medicine and I only speak English, but God is using me.

Why Should Doctors Commit To Serving?


You only need your stethoscope and the knowledge you use everyday. You will have a translator to assist you with every patient. You don’t need to learn about new diseases or medications. Local physicians travel with us to provide assistance with any challenges. 

You can provide education about basic hygiene, nutrition and sanitation that will change lives forever. 


While you are providing for healthcare needs, you have the opportunity to share the Gospel to many who have never had the opportunity to hear about Jesus.


The villages are changed forever.
Local pastors and leaders follow up with the new believers to help them grow in faith. Clean water saves lives.


Are You Ready To Take A Leap Of Faith?


Sign up now to join us in Northwest Africa in Oct 12-21, 2024. Our spaces for non-medical personnel have been filled, but we still have two spaces left for medical volunteers to join us!

Our greatest need right now is for nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and doctors. 

Will you help change a life this Fall?