Maybe you have found this blog post because you ask the question, “What is a medical missions trip?” 

We want to help you learn about medical missions trips. Let’s go over the meaning of “mission trip.” It’s not uncommon for people to be unsure of what that means, even if they are people of faith involved with their local churches and communities.

A mission trip or missions trip is a short-term or long-term commitment by one or more Christians who agree to serve people and help them know Christ’s love. This service commitment often involves travel far away from home and an extended stay. The word “mission” comes from “missionary” or one who travels to complete a sustainable mission of service and teaching about Christ.

The people who go on missions trips often go through some steps to prepare for the journey. They learn about the cultures, languages, needs, and issues facing the people where they’re going, and make choices to help them be more compassionate and productive there

A medical missions trip is the same as a missions trip, except the focus is on serving people with medical needs.

These needs could range greatly due to the accessibility of medical care and medicine, supplies, and equipment in a community. Many who go on a medical missions trip are trained medical professionals, but teams are built up of other people with different training and skills too. Anyone with a heart to serve could go!

Medical missions trips are essential. People in desperate need often pray for help and do what they can to help themselves. God may answer their prayers partly by moving through others’ willing hearts and hands to serve with love and a great work ethic. Other people might not know who God is or might have an idea in their mind and not know they are loved, cared for, and filled with purpose.

Through the work we do, many people encounter Christ for the first time. 

Are you asking, “What is a medical missions trip?” because you’ve heard about one and would like to be part of a medical missions team? We would love to have you! Learn more about our next trip here, and find out more about Mission Partners For Christ here

See you on the mission field!