Serving With Care

We serve with care on all medical missions trips and in all our partnership actions, whether it is during a worldwide pandemic or a regionally located crisis. Mission Partners for Christ and our partners are comprised of medical staff and volunteers, as well as other professionals and members of communities. Also we are covered in prayer by many church groups, community members, and readers like you who choose to partner with us in that way. Prayer is a wonderful way to get involved.

Your donations also help us to purchase quality medicines, supplies, and other items needed for our medical missions work. We appreciate the many ways you help us to be serving with care. If you have never been on a medical missions trip overseas, and wonder what it might be like, we want to let you in on some of the ways we are able to do this. 


Patient safety means the world to us too, as medical professionals and believers in Christ. Each person who comes to us for medical help receives the best possible care. So although we might be in different spaces than where we usually might work, we are still observing the highest standards of universal health precautions. Supplies are shipped, supplied to us through partnerships, or bring with us the very items we will need to compassionately provide good health care services.

Actually, we are often blessed to be able to leave surplus behind for the local doctors and clinics to use when we go, and to give certain types of items to patients and their families for their use when they go home. We make sure each patient receives post-care instructions they can understand. This helps them maintain their good progress. We share the gospel in different ways when we go too. Not only in what we do, say, or give, but how we do these things.


At Mission Partners for Christ, we take safety seriously. Though we go into potentially dangerous regions, as well as places where Christians sometimes encounter danger for speaking openly about Christ, certain practices and policies are in place to help us all stay together and safe. When you volunteer with us, we share more with you about the different standards and guidelines that help us work together safely. There are some things you can go to our website and preview too. Though we cannot travel yet, there are still some ways you can prepare to serve during this season.

Traveling With Care

We observe the laws of the lands we are visiting, and the regulations of specific regions too. Our passports and vaccinations are up-to-date, for example. If you are someone who plans to travel with us, or you think you might, now is a great time to begin getting started on renewing your passport or obtaining your first one, if your passport is outdated or you do not have one yet. We comply with all government guidelines as well as recognized universal health practices or guidelines.    

At this time in 2020, we have been unable to travel due to passports not being issued during the worldwide pandemic, but hopefully this is changing soon. When it does, we will continue to observe the best standards of preventing spread of disease and while serving with care. We are getting ready now to go. It’s good to check on the website to see what vaccinations you may need, as it can take time for you to set up an appointment for the right vaccines. It’s well worth it so that you’ll be ready to travel with us when we are able to go on the trip to Benin! 

Would You Like to Learn More?

We’d love to answer your questions about how to get involved in serving with care too. Click here to submit your question via our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!