Are you considering raising funds for your medical missions trip?

If you have not gone on a medical missions trip before–and even if you have!–you may be wondering about different ways to begin raising funds for going on medical missions trips. Thankfully, there are so many possibilities for you to creatively raise the funds alone, with your friends and family, with your church, or through other people you have never met who–just like you–care about the health and life of people around the world. There may even be ways of raising funds that you had not considered before.

Here are six easy ways of raising funds for your medical missions trip!

1) Host a community concert or event!

Are you a singer or on a worship team? Are there friends or members of your church and their churches who would volunteer to gather and perform for the community? This event involves coordinating with lots of people, but could be worthwhile in multiple ways–the gospel is shared in your home community. You and anyone from your area who also has registered to go on the same trip will raise funds to go together.

Musicians get to use their gifts to the glory of God and truly shine. To potentially increase the fundraising at this type of event, a take-home spaghetti dinner or other type of dinner could be served. This way, members of the community who are hungry or just want to get involved but cannot stay for the concert can take home their dinners, and others who plan to stay for the concert can eat in an area set up for that purpose. It also gives those great home cooks in your church family circle a chance to fix up something delicious for the local people who may be unfamiliar with the church!

2) Invite your friends and family to be part of a multi-family yard sale

You and your family or friends and church family may have lots of clothes and other items in great condition that you no longer plan to use. This could be a great way to open up to the community you live in and gather together with people who would like to offer their gently-used items for sale to help you with raising funds for going on medical missions trips. A large outdoor building, garage, or church community building could be set up with clothing racks, tables, shelves, and more. Everyone benefits by releasing things they no longer need so that others who might need or want it can have it, and funds are raised.

3) Host a community meal and invite friends and family to prepare food!

With the right permits or permissions, along with following certain health protocol, you and your family, friends, or church family could serve monthly or quarter-monthly community meals. Spaghetti, chili, and chicken noodle soups are three popular meals that are easy to cook in large batches and provide inexpensive sides like green beans and dinner rolls. Desserts, water bottles, and other drinks could be offered as well. Styrofoam containers to hold meals for taking home are available at dollar stores, if you are considering ways to keep costs lower and fundraising higher. Community meals also help plant seeds of hope as you fellowship with one another and with people who may never have heard about medical missions trips or Christ before.

4) Make that special thing that you’re famous for!

Do you have a talent for making certain types of foods that others would love to receive or give as a gift? Perhaps you are acquainted with someone who has this talent and would like to share it to help you raising funds for going on medical missions trips. Apple butter is one popular item that can be put in jars with pretty labels and jute rope. Other popular desserts that keep well, bake well, and give well are pies, brownies, dinner rolls, and cookies. If you plan to do this, be sure to follow proper protocol for where you live.

Also, you may be able to partner with other people who decide to get together and offer these foods along with other things like handcrafted jewelry or decor at a winter bazaar (just in time for Christmas). Lots of people look for ways to support local ministries around Thanksgiving and Christmas, and almost everyone likes some kind of home-made dessert created with love for a good cause!

5) Write a book, course, or workshop!

Are you a writer or professional with a skill you could offer to teach other people? Or perhaps you write beautiful poetry, illustrate encouraging words, or love to tell stories? You could create a book or course to be sold online or work with others to inexpensively offer a hard copy book or course in person. This can take as little time as one day to thirty days with good planning and execution. What is something you could help others learn that would also help you with raising funds for going on medical missions trips?

6) Host a 5K Run/Walk!

5K runs and walks are popular in many places. With the right permits and coordination with other people who agree to volunteer their time and skills in hosting a 5K run or walk, you could begin raising funds for going on medical missions trips just by taking a walk in the park at a slightly brisker pace than usual or by going for a run with people in your community. It raises awareness of the importance of medical missions trips and also helps share the gospel while encouraging healthy activities.

What are some ideas you have ways of raising funds for your medical missions trip?

Let us give you a hand with our free fundraising letter template! We have created a free fundraising letter template to assist you with reaching out to people and ask them to support you on your medical missions trip journey. You can visit this page on our blog to sign up for it and it will be instantly emailed to you. We love to support you in your goals and we appreciate you considering the ways you can begin raising funds for going on medical missions trips.

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