Did you know Mission Partners For Christ has scholarship opportunities for students who are interested in going on a trip but are in need of some financial assistance?

Brittanie is a medical student who traveled with us on one of our trips. Here is her testimony about her experience:

“This wasn’t my first mission trip, so I knew that I would leave Cote d’Ivoire forever changed by the experience. However, I could not have expected the multidimensional change I experienced during those few short days. Despite the long days, long rides, and daily hiccups and attacks against our purpose, my strength was renewed.

As I served in villages where people professed that they felt “forgotten,” I had the privilege of experiencing true gratitude and thankfulness. There were so many moments where I was reminded of what gratitude and thankfulness look like, but one particular moment stands out the most.

On the last day of clinic in the villages, a female elder from one of the villages neighboring Atakassikoro sat across from me in seemingly good health. She had no complaints, a few achy bones here and there, but she just wanted to see the doctor. After we completed her exam, she looked me in my eyes, smiled, and in her native tongue she said, ‘Thank you for the work you are doing; thank you for coming to see about us.’ Every other person who sat in that chair before her had expressed their gratitude, but there was something touching in the compassion and genuineness in which she shared her gratitude. I may never be able to verbally express the impact those few moments had on me as a young physician in training, but I will never forget it. I don’t know what my future holds but I know that I will be a better physician because of my time in Cote d’Ivoire.”

If you are a medical or dental student who wants to be apart of helping others feel seen, heard, and loved on one of our trips, apply for our scholarship!


Mission Partners for Christ Scholarship

  • Our desire is for medical and dental students to come to understand how medical missions can be a part of God’s will for their lives.

    Scholarship applications will be reviewed as they are submitted. The application must be submitted at least three months prior to the trip departure, and the applicant must be accepted as a Mission Partners for Christ trip participant before applying for the scholarship. Email your scholarship application to info@missionpartnersforchrist.com

    Awards will be announced by email as they are awarded. The amount of the award will be up to $1000 and is to be used for project and transportation-related expenses.

    The applicant must submit a letter of no more than 300 words that describes their current course of education and their motivation for serving in medical missions. This letter should address what they hope to learn from their participation in the short-term medical
    missions experience.

  • After the trip is complete, the awardee is required to submit a summary report of their experience that focuses on the change that took place in their life as a result of the trip.