The MPFC team recently completed a medical mission trip to an island in the Indian Ocean.

This medical mission trip was different than others in the past as we had to discretely share the gospel in this closed country. We experienced powerful connections with local peoples who have little to no access to medical care. Our missionary partner prayed with people during the outreach and are continuing to support them in their faith.

Here are a few highlights from our medical mission work that we’d love to share with you!

DAY 1: Our medical mission team of 15 looked out the plane window as we flew over the the Indian Ocean. We saw hills, coastline and a lush island full of palm trees. We couldn’t wait to explore! Upon arrival at the airport we were greeted by news reporters, government officials, and our local partners. They put fragrant flowered lais around our neck.

We dropped off our personal luggage and were off to meet the governor! 

DAYS 2 & 3: The first 2 days we held our medical mission outreach at the islands only hospital. The hospital director and the hospital staff were very accommodating to our team. This hospital had a laboratory, x-ray machine, and eye examination equipment. They are able to perform surgeries however they need more qualified staff to provide medical care. Often doctors fly into the country short term to treat patients. In addition, most of the patients cannot afford to see the doctor or pay for the medication or treatment that is required.  

DAYS 4 & 5: During the following 2 days we traveled on curvy roads around the island to 2 different villages to see patients. During the drive we had incredible views of the country, including fragrant smells from the trees producing ylang ylang which is used to make Chanel no 5.  

DAY 6: The 3rd day of our medical mission outreach was especially rewarding but also sad. We were able to provide health education to at least 300 people as they waited to see the doctor. This varies depending on country, village and site we have available for the outreach.    

The sad part was we met a woman with a oral tumor. She explained that her husband recently left her because of the tumor. Unfortunately on this island there is no cancer treatment available. However, our Christian partners have established a relationship with her and also met her oldest son. They have had an opportunity to pray with her.

Would you join us in praying that Marian opens her heart to receive Christ?

Would you also pray that God heals her of the cancer? 

On this trip we had an evening over dinner to meet with secret believers.  This is a very closed country and believers are unable to meet publicly like we do. There is no public Christian worship. Two of our team members shared a teaching about our identity in Christ and one shared a very personal testimony to encourage the believers.  This time spent with them was very encouraging.  

DAY 7: The day after our medical mission outreach was complete our team divided into groups with our local partners and did a prayer walk through the village. It was a very powerful time. It was encouraging for us and for them. We enjoyed an afternoon at the beach taking in the beauty of the island and in the evening the governor welcomed us to his home for dinner. The governor thanked our team for serving the people of his island and he hopes we will return.

DAY 8: On our last day the team had time to relax, share about trip memories and buy a few souvenirs to remember their trip. When we left our translators even came to the airport to see us off. They put small token gifts in our hands and hugged our necks. Our hearts were full. We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve. 

Will you continue to pray for our local partners and the people there?

In a couple weeks our partners will begin distributing 60 water filters and sharing over 200 solar audio Bibles. Our local partners are grateful for the many people they were able to meet as a result of the medical outreach. We are praying for more to come to know Christ in this unreached country.

Interested to join us on an upcoming medical outreach: