So many people search for God’s “calling” on their lives. It’s one of the biggest discussions around Christian circles. But here’s the thing, your mission is very clear! We are to share the Gospel. But that can be very overwhelming. There are lost souls everywhere we look, so where do we go? Who are we to tell? What difference can we make in the world where there is so much need?

The first step is to think about where you feel a burden. A burden is something that breaks your heart — something that stays with you for a long time and feels heavy. Maybe you’re watching the news and a segment comes on. You’re sad to see any bad news reports but there are just some reports that stick in your mind and heart for long periods of time. For example, my heart has always been pulled towards children who are without a family. Those stories bring an extreme emotional reaction out of me. This showed me early on in my life that my heart was open to adoption and that would be the way the Lord used me later in life.

Some people visit other countries and feel a pull to return. They fall in love with the people and the culture. Like Katie Davis Majors who visited Uganda as a young girl and then moved there, started a ministry, and adopted thirteen Ugandan children. This is an example of her heart being burdened for a people group who were vulnerable and then her deciding to take action to make a change!

In addition to recognizing what things burden you, it’s important to identify what you are passionate about. What makes you come alive? What is it that you could do forever and it would never get old? What are you drawn towards doing that makes an impact?

For example, some are passionate about leading or mentoring while others are passionate about serving or team building. Look into the things you enjoy doing and then figure out why you enjoy doing them! For example, you may love teaching a small group and think that teaching is your passion but it may not be the teaching, it may be the community building you are doing within the group! Think deeply about possible passions and connect them to what burdens you. It’s through the connection that you will find the calling and how you can serve God best.

So here are the questions to ask yourself:

What are the things you feel burdened about?

What are you passionate about?

In what ways can you connect the two and create a vision towards bringing change?

We would love to get you plugged into one of our mission’s trips and give you a chance to serve according to your calling! There is room for everyone who wants to make a difference.

Leave a comment and tell us what you’ve discovered about your calling! We would love to celebrate what God is doing through your life!