When Mission Partners For Christ was first launched into the world, it was created with a specific vision about the work God has called us to do, which is two-fold. 

As medical professionals, we are uniquely gifted, and positioned, to bring hope to communities that have little to no access to medical care. There may be many reasons for this:  

  • the nearest healthcare professional is too far away 
  • there isn’t enough money available to see someone when a health concern arises
  • Even when there is accessible healthcare, often the doctor or midwife does not have the medication or tools available to properly care for an entire community of individuals, each with unique needs

The other job that we have been tasked with is to carry the gospel into villages and communities where the name of Jesus has never been mentioned.

How Medical Missions Allows Us To Share The Gospel

Take a moment right now to imagine a different life for yourself.

You are a 25 year-old-woman. You are married. You have 4 children you adore.

And then you wake up one morning and you discover that your youngest, a mere infant, has a concerning cough.

You know your baby needs to see a doctor immediately, but your family is barely getting by as it is. And the closest doctor is miles away – too far to travel on foot, but you have no other way to get there. You don’t know what you will do for your child, and it’s killing you that you cannot get her the help she needs.

Then imagine, at your most desperate moment, you hear that a free medical clinic will be opening in your village the next day. Suddenly, your desperation has been transformed into hope. Maybe your child will be okay after all.

The next day, you get up at the crack of dawn, and you go to the clinic. A doctor invites you to take a seat at their table under the big tent that was set up to protect clinicians and patients alike from the heat of the sun. She gently takes your little girl from your arms, and listens carefully to her breathing. She checks her out thoroughly, and tells you your child has a chest infection, and will be okay with a round of antibiotics, which she then makes sure you get.

Your happiness cannot be contained – your child will be okay!

You can’t stop yourself. You turn to the doctor and thank her profusely, tears of joy in your eyes. And then you ask her,  “What brought you to my village, here in the middle of nowhere? The doctor kindly smiles at you and says, “Jesus sent me.”

Curious, you ask to learn more about this Jesus. After speaking with the doctor for a few minutes more, you learn about this amazing Man, fully God and fully human, who came to die so that you, and your family, could be reconciled to the God of all creation. It seems too good to be believed, and yet, somehow, you do. And then you are led in prayer to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. 

Medical missions help to open doors by meeting people in unique and vulnerable circumstances that many other outreach opportunities may never see. 

Love is a verb, and medical missions are love in action.

Medical missions are a beautiful way to love others in action. As we care for the underserved populations, we are showing them the compassion of Jesus. We are showing that, when we share the gospel, these aren’t just words. We’re backing them up by showing love to them in a tangible way.

They can see Jesus reflected in the care they get in our medical missions.

Evangelistic Tools In The Mission Field

Of course, when we visit an unreached community, we don’t just share the gospel and then leave them without tools to grow in their faith and to grow the community of believers.

We have two tools that we try to bring with us on every medical mission trip to equip the local churches. 

Solar Audio Bibles

Solar audio Bibles are a transformative tool for Christians across Africa, especially in areas where many cannot read and electricity is scarce. 

These devices, powered by the sun, offer a sustainable and economical solution for accessing Scripture in their own language. This technology transcends the barriers of traditional literacy and costly printed materials, bringing the Word of God directly to the ears of believers. 

For communities in remote locations, solar audio Bibles ensure that no one is deprived of the spiritual guidance and encouragement of the Bible. They foster greater understanding and retention of Scripture, supporting deeper personal faith and stronger community fellowship. What’s more, local pastors can record their own sermons and messages into these units, which will allow believers to encourage one another. 

Truly, solar audio Bibles light up lives by making God’s Word accessible to all, one ray of sunshine at a time.

Jesus Film & Equipment

Jesus Film equipment is a powerful instrument in spreading the Gospel across Africa to reach hearts in even the most isolated communities. 

This essential technology projects the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in a visually compelling format, allowing people who may not have access to written Scriptures to experience the Gospel story vividly and memorably. 

The equipment, designed to operate in diverse and often challenging environments, uses minimal resources, making it possible to bring the transformative message of hope and salvation to vast audiences. As the film plays under open skies or within humble village gatherings, God uses this film to ignite faith and foster a profound understanding of Jesus’ love and sacrifice.

Local evangelists can use the Jesus Film equipment to take the message of the gospel to multiple villages, ensuring that the gospel continues to spread long after our medical team has left the area.

It is a privilege to be able to go to remote places all across Africa to be able to serve some of the most vulnerable populations, many of whom have never seen a doctor. To then be able to share about the God who sent us to them is a great joy that cannot adequately be summed up in mere words. 

The updates that we get regularly from these communities tell us that the gospel has taken root and continues to grow across the region. It is no exaggeration to say that because God called us to one village, hundreds in the area now carry the beautiful title of “Christ Follower.”

Are you ready to be part of the change that is happening all over Africa right now? There are multiple ways that you can get involved:

We are so excited to see how God chooses to use Mission Partners For Christ in the coming weeks, months, and years. We hope you’ll join us!