One of the resources we always try to bring on our medical mission trips are expandable shoes. What are expandable shoes?? You may be asking this question, and its a fair question! Not many people have heard about this innovative invention that is life-changing for so many people.

So let’s explore together what these shoes are and why they are so important for the people we serve in the mission field.

Our partner, BeCause International fills a very real need in so much of the world with their brilliant take on footwear, “The Shoe That Grows.” These shoes are designed to address the challenges of poverty and inadequate footwear faced by millions of children in developing countries. 


Here’s a description of BeCause International’s shoes:

  • Adjustable Design: The Shoe That Grows features an adjustable design that allows it to expand in both length and width. This unique feature enables the shoes to accommodate growing feet, providing a sustainable solution for children who often outgrow their shoes quickly.
  • Durable Construction: These shoes are made with durable materials to withstand the rigors of daily wear and various terrains. The robust construction ensures that the shoes can endure challenging environments, offering long-lasting protection for the wearer’s feet.
  • Simple yet Effective: BeCause International’s shoes prioritize simplicity and functionality. The design is straightforward, making it easy to use and maintain. This simplicity also contributes to the cost-effectiveness of the shoes, ensuring that they remain accessible to communities in need.

Positive Impact: By providing children with durable, adjustable shoes, they now have access to something that will improve their overall well-being and quality of life. Access to proper footwear can prevent injuries, reduce the risk of infections, and enhance mobility, enabling children to attend school regularly and participate in community activities.


Why Do They Matter?

Traditional footwear does not work for much of the world. Often, the materials used are not created with nonwestern people in mind. In a world where children often have to walk for miles to access clean water and other resources, poorly designed footwear breaks apart quickly and easily. Expandable shoes are made from materials that can handle years of wear.

Traditional shoes are also often very expensive, leaving them out of reach for much of the world’s population. Perhaps someone can afford to buy a pair of shoes for his young daughter, but when she grows out of them, she may not be so lucky to receive a second pair of shoes. 

Expandable shoes adjust to fit up to 5 sizes, which means that as a child grows their shoes grow with them!

Another constant problem, in a world without these amazing shoes, is that people are often left vulnerable to injury and illness. Without proper shoes, you can imagine how quickly someone could accumulate scrapes and cuts on their feet. With open wounds like these, it is incredibly difficult to prevent that person from contracting infection or picking up a parasite.

But with The Shoe That Grows, the wounds never have to happen to begin with. Which means that they are protected from injury and serious illness. Proper shoes are an important part of preventative health care. 

How Can You Ensure That Children Have Access To Proper Footwear?

We’re so glad you asked!

This month we are focusing on raising funds towards ensuring that every patient we see can have the shoes they need to stay healthy and safe. Without generous donors, like you, we would not be able to purchase these amazing shoes and hand them out to those who need them the most at our free medical clinics.

Each pair of shoes costs $20 and we always take at least 180 pairs of shoes for a typical team size of around 10 people. When we have larger teams, and more people to help transport these shoes into the mission field with us, we can take even more!

When you donate towards the good cause of providing shoes for our patients, 100% of your donations goes to the cost of those shoes.

Interested in buying someone a pair of shoes and set them up for a long and healthy life? You can donate now on our PayPal page!

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