In February 2023, a group of volunteers traveled with Mission Partners For Christ to serve in Guinea-Conakry. Nurse Practitioner Anna wanted to share her story of all that she witnessed and experienced on this trip.

I’m not sure if I can truly put into words the past several days. I just returned home late last night from serving a people group in west Africa (Guinea).

I always wanted to experience Africa and it’s culture but had no idea how the experience would truly change my life moving forward.

God presented an opportunity to medically serve an unreached people group and offer the message of hope and healing through Jesus Christ. “They (locals)” said not to go and that hearts were not ready to hear the gospel. There were even rumors of potential persecution, the spirit of fear was roaming around us (literally). But my God does not give us a spirit of fear and every obstacle was overcome.

I witnessed a God of miracles, the same God we read about in scripture is still alive.

My faith was rejuvenated with the healing of a blind man and deaf woman and when a influential leader opened his heart and accepted Christ. That same leader is requesting a church. When about 10 people accepted Christ as there savior ( literally in front of a mosque!)

The local pastor’s words of encouragement continue to resonate in my heart and mind.

That same pastor had been working on sharing the gospel for 4 years with much opposition and after a week of serving along side of our team so many hearts and doors have now opened.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work along side fellow African believers along with our US team of eight incredible women. God truly hand picked each of us to work together on this incredible mission and I look forward to watching the lasting impact this has made for this people group as they continue to grow in faith and the light of God’s love and grace through his son’s sacrifice will continue to illuminate the darkness.

There is going to be waves of change in this area in the years to come as people of muslin faith will now see, hear and know the truth of Jesus Christ!

"I miss our group so much! It's crazy how close strangers can be when working together as the body of Christ!" - Nurse Practitioner Anna