When people think of medical mission work, they usually think providing medical care is the only way they can help, but that could not be further from the truth! Here are 6 ways anyone can serve a medical missions organization:

1. Join a team and offer free services in one of our pop up clinics.

Although this isn’t the only way you can serve a medical missions team, providing medical services at a clinic is the heart of a medical missions trip! Medical missions teams are always looking for nurses, doctors, and other certified medical care providers to join their teams.

2. Provide education on preventative care and nutrition.

If you have a heart for education, then providing education on nutrition and preventative health to the villages being served is a great way to serve during a missions trip. This position sometimes requires that you be a medical professional but not always, so be sure to ask the organization you’re looking to work with.

3. Help us partner with trusted local organizations for future trips.

Are you a good communicator? If so, you may enjoy establishing relationships with local organizations while on a missions trip and work towards forming partnerships for future trips to that area. Many hands make light work, and partnering with local trusted organizations is a great way to gain extra hands, as well as establish an ongoing lasting relationship within the community you are serving.

4. Share the Gospel of Christ through your presence on short-term mission teams.

Do you love to share the gospel? Do you have a background in ministry? Are you a prayer warrior? These are all great ways you can help on the mission field! The heart behind our trips is to share the love of Jesus with everyone you meet. That can be through providing excellent health care, but it can also be through prayer, sharing the gospel, or just being the hands and feet of Jesus to someone in need.

5. Support our health care professionals by collecting patient information prior to exams.

If you aren’t a licensed care provider, you can still help with patients! Our teams are always in need of people to collect patient information, help them fill out paperwork, and visit with patients while they’re waiting to be seen.

6. Donate and organize medical supplies for our teams to distribute during mission trips.

To be impactful, our trips require many different medical supplies to make it happen. If you are someone that has connections to supplies, or would love to reach out to your community to ask for and collect supply donations, then consider contacting your favorite medical mission organization to see what they are in need of. As you can see, there are many ways for you to serve your favorite medical missions organization! What is your favorite way to serve? Let us know in the comments. And if you are looking to join a medical missions team, please consider joining us on one of our trips. We’d love to have you!
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