There are many wonderful things about mission trips and we LOVE serving with medical professionals around the world.

However, sometimes people who are new to medical missions have misconceptions about the work we do. This blog post sheds light on three misconceptions and shares what is really true about medical missions!

1. Mission trips fix people.

Mission trips aren’t for fixing people. Sure, spiritual seeds are planted and physical needs are met. But “fixing” is the wrong mindset. Fixing makes it sound like the people on the mission’s trip have the power, and that’s not the case. We are all created equally and loved equally by God. And any “fixing” comes from Him alone. The people met on these trips aren’t helpless. They may need help in certain areas, but they have dignity and something to offer the world as well. A Savior complex is dangerous. We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus through serving, not fixing.

2. We will hear God’s call when it’s time.

How many times do we sit around and wait to hear God’s call before we act? We think we will hear an audible voice tell us it’s time to go on a mission trip, and we wait around until then. But an audible Word isn’t the only way God speaks to us. Sometimes it’s a nudge in our heart when we hear a speaker at church. Other times it’s Him bringing you to this blog page to plant the seed in your heart for missions. There are many different ways, so don’t ignore God’s prompting because you are waiting for an audible confirmation that it’s time to go on a mission’s trip. Look for God in the other ways He moves in your life and then spend time in prayer.

3. Everyone should go.

Though we are all to serve in some capacity, serving overseas on a mission’s trip isn’t for everyone. Sometimes people are called to give financially or called to support in prayer. It’s important not to pressure everyone to feel a certain way about missions. We are the body of Christ and each part of the body plays a different yet equally important role. Instead of telling others to join you, ask them how they feel God leading them towards missions and then present the different ways they can help.

What are some additional myths you’ve heard about medical mission work? Reach out below or on our Facebook page and let’s talk about it!

See you in the mission field!

Sheri Postma, RN Founder & CEO Mission Partners for Christ