From the very first moment you step into the mission field, your life will never be the same.

I was a young, eager believer, filled with anticipation and a desire to serve God wholeheartedly. Little did I know that this journey would not only deepen my faith but also create lasting connections with fellow believers. If you have travelled with Mission Partners For Christ, you have likely experienced the same thing.

We are called to support, encourage, and grow together in Christ, and I have found that mission work, particularly the short-term medical missions that we do at Mission Partners For Christ, can be one of the most powerful things that initiates that growth for believers.When we step out of our comfort zones and put our faith into action, the transformative power of mission work touches not only the lives of those we serve but also our own hearts, fostering a deeper understanding of God’s love and grace. By inviting our friends to join us in this journey, we open the door to a world of shared experiences, laughter, and tears, all while serving the Lord together.

So lets take a few moments to discuss how you can invite your loved ones into the life-change experience of short-term medical mission trip!

Connect Your Loved Ones’ Passions To Missions

As we seek to encourage our friends to join us in mission work, it’s essential to take the time to understand their passions and interests. By helping them assess their spiritual gifts, we can shed light on the unique ways God has equipped them to serve His kingdom.

Try asking them what activities make them feel most fulfilled in their lives. Is it caring for others? If your loved on has the generous heart of a servant, they might be a perfect match for short-term medical missions. Has your loved one devoted their life to caring for others in the medical field? Whether they are a doctor, nurse, dentist, or some other role – their expertise is desperately needed in the medical mission field.

Are they more comfortable in roles where they can organize or manage others? Perhaps they will enjoy filling a need in administrative tasks in one of our clinics. We also need people who can check our patients in and direct them to where they need to go for proper treatment and evaluation.

Connect Your Loved Ones' Passions To Missions

Building on this understanding of your friends’ passions and interests, it is crucial to have open and honest conversations with them about their aspirations and how they see themselves contributing to the mission field. Listen attentively and validate their thoughts, creating a safe space for them to express their dreams and fears.

As you engage in these discussions, you may uncover hidden talents or discover interests that could be nurtured and developed through medical missions. By linking these unique qualities to specific mission opportunities, we can demonstrate how their passions can be channeled into meaningful and purpose-driven service.

These conversations not only strengthen the bond between friends but also pave the way for a life-changing journey of spiritual growth and transformation, leaving an impact on both their lives and the lives of those they serve.

Share Your Stories About The Mission Field

There is undeniable power in storytelling, especially when it comes to sharing God’s work in our lives and the lives of others. As we seek to inspire our friends to embark on the mission journey, sharing personal testimonies and stories can create a profound impact. Our own experiences, filled with moments of joy, struggle, and growth, can serve as an authentic testament to the transformative nature of mission work.

Be vulnerable with your loved ones as you recount the ways in which God has moved in your spiritual life as a result of your service in medical missions. Did your time in the mission field leave you hungry to experience more of God? Did it leave you feeling refreshed through the unique fellowship opportunities only found in missions? Did you witness a miracle of God’s healing? These are all beautiful things to pass on to your loved ones.

When we open our hearts and vulnerably share the ways God has moved in our lives through missions, we invite our friends to envision themselves in similar situations, experiencing God’s grace and love in a tangible way. By recounting success stories from the mission field, we can showcase the incredible impact of collective efforts and lasting change that occurs when individuals come together to serve. These stories can ignite a passion within our friends to step out in faith and join the mission journey.

You probably have a much bigger network of people you can influence to get involved in missions than you think. Here’s a short list of possibilities for you to consider sharing your stories and pictures with from your time serving on a short-term medical mission trip:

  • Bible study group
  • Small church group
  • Sorority or fraternity friends
  • Any groups you volunteer with
  • Share your story on social media with friends you might not see face-to-face often
  • Ask to speak for a few minutes during your church service

Introduce Your Loved Ones to Mission Partners For Christ

As a former volunteer on one of Mission Partners For Christ’s medical mission trips, you are in a unique position to introduce your loved ones to our organization and what we do. You can explain how you came to discover the organization and what was so compelling to you about our work.

You can invite them to look around our website to get a better understanding of who we are and what we do. If your loved ones have any questions, they can also email us: or use the contact page.

You can invite them to one of our free webinars that we hold multiple times a year and they can discover for themselves what we are about. You can also send them to recordings of our previous webinars, which can be found here.

You can invite your loved ones to follow us on social media to see what we value and discuss. Currently, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

Support and Encourage Your Loved Ones

As we encourage our friends to join a medical mission trip, it is vital that we offer them unwavering support and encouragement. By being a source of guidance and reassurance, we can help alleviate their fears and concerns while empowering them to embrace their calling. Actively listen to their questions and share your wisdom, always pointing them back to God’s promises and His faithfulness.

Praying for your friends during their decision-making process is another powerful way to support them. Lift them up in prayer, asking for God’s guidance and clarity as they discern their path.

Additionally, providing practical support can make a world of difference in their involvement in missions. Offer to help with fundraising, assist in preparing for their journey, or provide resources to equip them for the challenges they may face.

By standing beside them every step of the way, we demonstrate the love and support of a Christ-centered community and create a strong foundation for their mission journey.

There is an immeasurable joy that comes from serving God alongside your friends. As you grow together in faith and experience the transformative power of mission work, you create lasting memories and forge bonds that will stand the test of time. Furthermore, the ripple effect of inviting others to join the mission can extend far beyond our immediate circle of friends.

As more individuals come to know and experience God’s love through mission work, the impact is magnified and communities are transformed. Let us, therefore, be bold and intentional in extending the invitation to our friends, knowing that as we do so, we are not only enriching their lives but also playing an integral part in God’s greater plan.

So, dear friends, let us step out in faith, invite our loved ones to embark on this journey, and witness the beauty that unfolds as we serve the Lord together.

Are you a former volunteer who has invited someone to join a medical mission trip with us AND you’re registered to join us again? You may be eligible for a $200 discount off the cost for your trip. Your referral must apply for a medical mission trip and be accepted as a volunteer to qualify for the discount.