When you head on a mission’s trip, it normally is with a team. This can be a really great thing or a difficult thing depending on who you are. Maybe you love getting to know new people and you are adaptable to a variety of different types. Or, maybe you prefer to be alone and do things your own way when it comes to life experiences.

Well, we at Missions Partner For Christ want to give you tips for creating unity among your team during your next mission’s trip!

1. Take a Spiritual Gifts Assessment

We all have unique gifts given to us by God. Knowing what these gifts are will help you better understand yourself and if you can share them with the rest of your team, you will have a better understanding of how to work together. For example, if someone has the gift of evangelism but is assigned the task leading the team, he/she will probably not do as well as if he/she were sent out to spread the hope of Christ. Help your teammates thrive by getting to know what they are good at.

2. Meet Together Beforehand

If you are local, this can be as simple as scheduling a meeting at the nearest Starbucks. However, nowadays, teams are put together of people from all over the nation. If this is the case, you can use online forums like Google Hangout or Zoom to create an online meeting experience. After the initial introductions, have the leader come with guided questions to help your team get to know one another and share your expectations of what’s to come. This would also be a good time to share your spiritual gifts or strengths.

3. Participate In Team Building Games And Activities

Upon arrival on the mission’s field, spend time doing some team building games and activities. It’s worth taking this time before you dive into the busy week because a solid foundation for your team is key to a successful week. Here is a great list of great team building games to choose from!

4. Listen To One Another

There will be times when there are misunderstandings or dissatisfaction. Teams have to be open to hearing criticism or ways to solve problems. Be okay with disagreeing and ultimately choose to do what’s best for your team. Without listening, you will struggle with unity.

Your trip will be impacted by how close or distant your team is with one another. Help bring unity to your team by following these four tips, and then let us know how it goes!