Yes, you.

You are needed. Well, what are you needed for? You’re needed for medical missions. Whether you just like to volunteer, whether you’re in the medical field– which we don’t require people to be in the medical field, just people who have heart to serve and they also love Jesus.

Dentists Are Needed For Underserved Communities

But specifically, I’m writing because we need dentists. Yes, we do. Most of the people that we see when we serve in remote villages of Africa have never– can you imagine– never seen a dentist?

I have to tell you, I live in the United States. And unfortunately, I’ve seen the dentist many times even this year for dental work. And you know, when we have pain or something going on in our mouth, well… we’re on the phone right away to the dentist, aren’t we?

But can you imagine if you live in a remote area, and you don’t have access to a dentist, you don’t have the money to see a dentist. So your tooth is hurting: what do you do? Well, you might use a rock or stick to remove that tooth. Can you imagine?

I’ve seen many people who have cavities, their teeth look terrible. The teeth that they do have? They look terrible. They have many missing teeth. They have infections. They have pain.

Trusting God To Provide

It was wonderful when we went to Ethiopia in October of last year, we had a dentist with us. The line was long, but it was incredible for people to see the dentist for the very first time.

So we’re getting ready to go to Guinea, Africa in three weeks. We’re excited, but unfortunately, we don’t have a dentist for that trip. And I’m sad about that because we know we’re serving in a remote area, and they don’t have access to a dentist.

But I’m trusting and believing God that for every trip after this moving forward, we will have a dentist. So we have a trip coming up in July, and one in November of this year, and many more in the future years to come.

So if you’re a dentist, you know a dentist, have a family member that’s a dentist, have a friend that’s a dentist, share this post with them. Tell them about the work that we’re doing in remote underserved communities of Africa, because we would love to have many dentists serve with us. And even as I’m praying to have a dentist on each trip, maybe God will provide two or three on each trip so that all of the people can have an opportunity to see the dentist who need to.

We provide all of the equipment and the supplies that are needed for the trip. So all you need to do is become available and show up.

I hope you’ll consider that and pray about that in this first quarter of 2023.

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