We have written a post in the past about the essential packing list for missions trips, but there are some other things you may not think to bring. Trust me, you will thank us after you read this post!

Here are 5 items you may not think to add to your packing list for missions trips:

1. A headlamp

This one was on the packing list, but it’s often overlooked or a flashlight is chosen instead.  There is a big chance that the power is not always consistent at your destination. When I was abroad for three months in DR Congo, I had working power all day and then  would always lose it at 7 p.m. I more than wished I had brought a headlamp for hands-free light!

2. A tumbler

I don’t know about you, but wherever I am in the world, I want to wake up and have my tea. My husband is this way with coffee. A tumbler is great for a medical missions trip because you can make  your tea or coffee and take it to go (wherever that may be). And no matter how much work you have that morning, your morning beverage should stay warm!

3. A bandana

These are multipurpose. Use them as a hand towel, hair tie, or dip in water and tie around your forehead or neck to stay cool. Use to filter water if you are ever in a desperate situation where clean water isn’t available.

4. Duct tape

This one is self-explanatory. I mean, duct tape fixes everything! Just wrap the tape several times around your water bottle and then peel off whenever you need some throughout the trip! Use it to patch up items that break or tear, hold things together, cover up dangerous outlets and more!

5. Baby wipes

As much as you will want to shower, sometimes it’s just not feasible. Baby wipes will give you a fresher feeling until the opportunity to shower presents itself. Use to freshen up throughout the day or at the end of the day before climbing into bed. You’ll find yourself using wipes more than you imagined and probably lending some out to other participants on the trip!

What extra items do YOU recommend for the trip? Let us know in the comments!