The following is a letter to Mission Partners For Christ Founder and President, Sheri Postma, From Pastor Harding Paye who has been serving in Liberia. Last year, he received a backpack of Jesus film Equipment last year to use for evangelism. He gave us permission to share his powerful testimony and experiences using The Jesus Film to teach the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to his surrounding community. The film is shown at night so a few of the pictures Pastor Harding has so generously shared are a little dark and may be hard to see.

I would like to take this special time to appreciate first our Almighty God who has opened up this opportunity for me to have a Jesus film equipment in my country Liberia and to also appreciate you and your wonderful team who made it possible for others in remote part of our country to have an access to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and his great commission.

I am grateful that today the Lord have blessed us with this equipment because before the arrival of the equipment, I used to find it difficult to reach out to the unreached tribes in Liberia due to lack of material like this the equipment.

We are living in the modern time where it is very difficult for one to get outside there and evangelize by mouth and that is what I used to do.

My evangelism was only limited to the city of Zwedru and it’s surrounding area due to lack of empowerment and technology.

I could reach out to people but not effective as compared to the present time.

After I received the equipment to show the film, the first thing that the Lord did through me was start the evangelism in the community I live and then to the other parts of the county.

The Jesus film equipment have given me the opportunity to be connected to other pastors from other churches, and it had helped me to plant churches for other ministries (which I am not part of) for Christ to be glorified.

Through showing the Jesus film, I got to understand that there are towns and villages in my country, Liberia, where people have not been able to sit, witness, listen and to see how the Lord Jesus suffer and died on the cross. But from the time I started showing the film, the Lord has been faithful through saving his people.

I showed the film for the first time on December 23, 2022. On that day, we have 100 people who witness the Jesus film and 30 people gave their lives to Christ.

January 1 2023: We moved with the Jesus film to Gbarpo town. Our Host church was the William Roll United Methodist Church  where we showed the Jesus film.160 people witnessed the Jesus film, and 25 people gave their lives to Christ.

January 15 2023: The World Miracle ministry took us to Ziah town, Konobo district, to plant a church for them. We had 300 people who witnessed the Jesus film and 40 people came to know the Lord.

January 21 2023:  The Faith Bible chapel took us to Naio community where we showed the Jesus film. We had 200 people who witness the Jesus film, 40 people came to know the Lord, and 25 rededicated their lives to Christ.

February 15 2023: We showed the Jesus film to Yarliville community and 250 people who witnessed the Jesus film. 45 people who came to know the Lord.

We have the total of 223 people who has given their lives to Christ just from the time we started the Jesus film show.

And we have the total of 1010 people who have witness the Jesus film.

Our Testimony

We are thankful to God that from last December 2022 to February 2023 we are able to win 223 people to the Lord.

One of the most important thing I have ever seen was seeing people witness the Jesus film, and when they saw how our Lord Jesus Christ suffered on the cross, some began to cry asking for mercy.

Our Challenges

Our difficulty to continue with the outreach/evangelism to the unreached is our struggle with an older motorbike that breaks down often. The roads are very difficult to travel. It can take 3-5 hours to reach a village. 

We also lack materials and follow up training for new converts. 

Our Action Plan

By the special grace of God we want to plant 5 more churches before this year come to an end.

With your prayers and support  I will accomplish vision that the Lord has purposed in my life and heart.

Thank you so much for all your constant communications, prayers and support

May God bless you and your team. May the good God who has connected us together keep us together for the betterment and advancement of his kingdom.

Sincerely, Pastor Harding Paye