The cost of medical missions is one of the biggest obstacles that keep people from serving, but it doesn’t have to keep you from joining a team!

With travel costs, supplies, immunizations, and all the little extras, the cost of everything adds up quickly! But don’t let the dollar amount of a medical mission’s trip hold you back! Going on a medical mission trip is a great way to help people in under served communities and it can bring a whole new perspective to your life. You may be tempted to charge the costs, and that’s OK if you have the resources to pay it down in a reasonable time. If you don’t have the resources handy, hold off on that credit card swipe and check out this list of fundraising tips for medical mission trips.

We’ve compiled this list of a few of the best fundraising tips for medical mission trips!

1. Host a meal your supporters can attend for a donation

Whether at a church or local event center, schedule a pancake breakfast, taco bar, or spaghetti dinner and collect proceeds to go toward your mission’s trip. Set a suggested donation and many will give more. It’s a win-win as guests will receive dinner and fellowship while you are raising money and sharing your story with those who want to support you!

2. Plan an auction to sell of donated items

Local vendors will often gladly donate items to a worthy cause. Donations give them exposure and give you the opportunity to auction items off without costing you. Your trip will profit 100% from the sale, and many people are quite generous at these events and bid over the cost of the item!

3. Invite friends and family to be a part of your trip

Send a letter outlining you trip and, more importantly, why you feel so moved to take it.  Letters don’t put people on the spot but give them time to pray and think about ways they can help. A personal follow up with texts, calls, emails, or a face to face visit can help people see your passion and say “yes” if it’s in their budget. Giving generously is a great way for people to support medical missions work if they’re not physically able to join a team.

4. Sell items made by you (or friends and family)

Let your DIY side come out! Create homemade items such as soaps, baked goods, jewelry, photography prints, etc. and sell them! Have a special fudge recipe that everyone loves? Perhaps you’re a superstar at making freezer dump meals. Even better pull a few friends together to help you take orders and create amazing things to generate cash for your trip costs.

5. Offer a service people will benefit from

Pick a skill and offer your services: lawn care, babysitting, coaching, cleaning, car washing, and more! People are more than willing to pay for a service when they know their money is used for good. Brainstorm service ideas and get others involved to help! Remember, making it a win/win makes it so much easier for people to financially support you!

6. Hold a sports tournament and promise bragging rights to the winner

Raise money from a weekend sports tournament. Whether baseball or golf, gather your community together for a great time! Charge an entry fee and allow businesses to pay for advertisements on game day. Set up a snack  basic snacks and start spreading the word about the tournament early on so you can expect a positive turnout!

7. Plan a workshop or training

Do you have a unique skill like cooking, sewing, blogging, art, or something else? Plan a workshop where you invite friends and family to pay and learn skills in your area of expertise. Invite your friends to bring a bottle of wine, chase their dreams, or learn how to to the latest new thing.

8. Get a fundraising website

Free websites are available and dedicated to promoting your cause. Check into Razoo ( ).Sites like this are easy to share with friends and help you easily keep track of your fundraising goals.

With a little creativity and a whole lot of passion you can raise the fund you need for your trip. As an added bonus your community can support you and learn more about how medical mission trips, like your, impact the world.


Tell us in the comments if you have additional fundraising tips for medical mission trips! Good luck on your fundraising efforts!