When someone returns from a mission’s trip, they have an incredible experience that’s hard to put into words. They want to share, but they don’t always know where to start! There is so much to unpack from a life-changing experience. We know that you want to be the listening ear that your loved one needs, so we want to help! The best way to help someone open up about their mission’s trip experience is knowing the right questions to ask. This post will help you know eight questions to ask after a mission’s trip!
  1. What was your favorite part about the country?
Your loved one will have had a unique cultural experience being in another country and will have hopefully learned some new things from their time spent overseas. Challenging them to think of their favorite parts of the country will help open the doors to them sharing with you about their overall experience. 2. What was the team like that you worked with? Tell me about the people that you met! Relationships are built on a mission’s trip — some long-lasting! It’s important for a person returning from a trip to be able to share about those they met along their journey. Give them the chance to open up about their team and how they worked together and the impact they made! They will appreciate being able to introduce you to the new people they care about! 3. What surprised you about the culture? There’s always something to learn about a new culture. The person who went on a mission’s trip may not have had the chance to spend time reflecting on the cultural things they learned, so the question of “What surprised you about the culture?” is a great way to get them thinking and to help you learn more about another culture as well! It’s a win-win! 4. What was difficult about the mission’s experience? A mission’s trip experience is not smooth sailing. There are difficulties faced whether it’s with possible culture shock, conflict within the service team, or a hard time taking in all the learning that comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone. Acknowledging the hard while also discussing the ways they have grown is beneficial to the one returning from a mission’s trip. 5. What is God teaching you from your experience? There is always a lesson that God is teaching in difficult experiences. Sometimes the person gains a newfound appreciation for their blessings when they see the joy on the faces of those who don’t have as much. Sometimes the person overcomes difficult obstacles and gains a stronger sense God’s provision and grace. Be open and willing to hear how God is working in your loved one’s life! 6. What do you want to put into place to remember this experience? Some people bring home souvenirs from a trip. Others spend time journaling and keep the notes from their experience. Whatever it is, remind your loved one about the importance of putting something in place to remember the mission’s trip experience! 7. How did God change your view of the world? There is rarely a participant on a mission’s trip who doesn’t come back changed from the experience. Be willing to ask your friends how their world view was changed from the mission’s trip participation. This will open the door to a conversation that will not only help your friend process the depth of his/her experience but can also teach you a new view of the world you may never have considered before!

Use these seven questions to help support your loved ones when they return from a mission’s trip and tell us in the comments how it goes!