Imagine you have an infection on your foot. You contracted it because you have no shoes and the parasites have started eating away at the flesh on your feet. You’re in so much pain it’s hard to think straight. You need medical treatment, but since you don’t have a means for transportation, your only option to get help is to walk to the doctor. Barefoot. Not on sidewalks and smooth, paved streets, but over sticks, rocks, and dirt with the infection on your feet screaming at you with each step. To get to your doctor you don’t have the option to call an Uber or a cab. You cant call up your mom or your son for a lift. You cant even call an ambulance. You have to walk. That’s your one and only option for the medical care you so desperately need and have the right to! Oh, and when I say walk, I don’t mean a block or two, or even a mile or two. How about a one or two day journey to get to a doctor or a hospital? How doable does that sound in the kind of pain you are in? This is where Mission Partners for Christ comes in. We bring the treatment to the patient. We come to their village because often it’s impossible for them to get to the doctor under their conditions. If they are to the point of needing medical care, they are beyond the point of being able to make the journey to the proper treatment that exists only at the hospitals. What we offer through our medical missions ministry could be considered a house call from 2000 thousand miles away. We love people. All people. And we believe with our whole hearts that they deserve to have their physical needs met along with the spiritual. Will you help us love?Join us on our next medical mission trip.