Note: This interview is taken from a video that MPFC founder, Sheri Postma, took during our medical mission trip to Guinea in February 2023. She is speaking with Dr. Kim, who was one of our wonderful volunteers working with our free health clinic.

Sheri Postma: Well, good morning, we are doing this video from the country of Guinea. And we’re really excited. So we want to thank all of you that have been praying for our Medical Outreach. It’s going exceptionally well. What do you think? Then can you introduce yourself?

Dr. Kim: My name is Kim, and I’m one of the providers here. Yesterday at our first clinic, we were able to see 389 people. During that time, we saw a lot of kids with stomach problems, and were able to give them more medicine. We were blessed with interpreters that could help us speak with the people. I feel that everyone left pretty satisfied that we were able to fulfill what they came to accomplish with being at the clinic.

Dr. Kim: We had a beautiful breeze. We had a beautiful setting. We had kids running around excited to see us, and it was just a God filled day. It was a blessing to be there. I love seeing the faces of those kids. They were so excited to see us! They were laughing, and playing, and walking out to the road to greet us. And then– the young boys that were at the school– they were trying to pick up garbage for us and pick up the chairs and move things around, and get them back to the school as we were leaving. They were all very helpful. Even though we couldn’t talk to each other. We could smile and nod and know that we were big that we were a blessing to them. And they were a blessing to us.

Sheri Postma: Wow! So what do you think spend the most impactful thing for you so far we’ve been here?

Dr. Kim: I think the most impactful thing is that, even though this is a Muslim country, there are pastors that are traveling along with us and praying with us; and being with the people and being able to share God’s word, even though we don’t speak the same language. We’ve been in villages now that have spoken to local languages plus French and our English and we’re all getting along beautifully together.

Sheri Postma: That’s wonderful. Well, thanks so much for sharing this morning!

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