What is one of the biggest obstacles we hear about from those who would like to join a Mission Partners For Christ mission trip? Finances. 

It makes sense. It feels like a lot of money, and it is. However, unlike many other short-term mission organizations, all of the money you pay to join a trip is put towards the cost of the trip itself. There are no administrative fees, and no one is pulling a paycheck from your trip payment. 

Knowing this probably doesn’t help you pay the cost of the trip. 

That’s why today, we will give you a list of options to consider so that you can afford to join us on one of our upcoming trips.

1. Lean Into Your Network

Your network should be your first go-to when deciding how to fund your mission trip. 

We know it might feel awkward to ask the people you know for money towards your goals, but we would love to encourage you to reframe a bit. 

Your network is filled with people who believe in you, love you, and support you. You have a local community of friends, family, and church members who believe in you and would love a chance to support you as you follow the Lord’s leading in this area. 

But don’t stop there. Ask the people in your network to put the word out to their communities. Watch how people you don’t even know show up to support your call into the mission field.

2. Partner With Local Churches

You can lean into your own church and other churches you know that support missions. Ask to have a few minutes during one of their services to speak about your desire to serve and to discuss what you need to get there. 

If a church doesn’t have the time to spare in their service for you to share about your upcoming mission trip, consider asking to write something for their Sunday morning bulletin or their weekly newsletter.

3. Create An Online Fundraiser

If you follow Mission Partners For Christ on social media, you might have heard how one of our volunteers used a GoFundMe campaign and found that her entire cost for the mission trip was covered in just six days!

You could do as our volunteer did and put the word out on social media that you are accepting donations through your GoFundMe campaign towards paying for your short-term mission trip. 

GoFundMe campaigns are a great way to invite your local and extended communities to support you and your call into the mission field.

Encouraging testimony from one of our volunteers who raised the funds she needed through a GoFundMe

4. Host A Movie Night

Consider partnering with your church or renting a room at your local community center for a movie night. You can sell tickets and snacks and invite all your friends and family to come and enjoy some great entertainment while supporting a good cause!

5. Offer A Service

Offering a service is a great way to earn extra money for your short-term mission trip. There are so many options for you to consider:

  • Car wash
  • Lawn mowing
  • Raking leaves
  • Pet-sitting
  • Housecleaning
  • Housepainting
  • Snow shoveling

The possibilities are truly endless. Take a few minutes to sit down and ponder what services you could offer in exchange for some money towards your mission trip goal.

6. Hold A Yard Sale

Yard sales are a time-proven way to earn a little extra money quickly!

Is it time to clean out your house? You could also convince some friends to declutter and donate their extra things to your yard sale. You would be amazed at all the things you discover in your home that you’d forgotten all about. Those things can add joy to someone else’s life while getting you closer to your end goal.

7. Collect Recyclables

Were you aware that, in many cities, you can recycle everyday things for money? Just a few examples are:

  • Metal
  • Glass bottles
  • Old cars
  • Electronics


After searching your own home for recyclables that you can trade for cash, consider reaching out to your church or community as well. Consider holding a soda can or glass bottle drive and asking people to donate their recyclables to you.

Did you learn something new about raising funds for mission trips? Do you have other ideas to raise money? Leave us a comment and let us know!