Just because your mission’s trip experience is over, doesn’t mean your support of missions has to be! There is a lot involved leading up to a mission’s trip. Preparation takes time and is often met with intentional planning. raising the funds to attend the trip, educating yourself about the global healthcare crisis. And, of course,…packing are all important parts of preparation.

(Note: during your preparations, remember, this one-page trip planner makes it easy!)

But after a mission’s trip, you will experience the longing to continue supporting missions and wonder what you can do to stay involved! You will have been changed from the inside out after your trip, but you can’t stay forever. Here are a few tips for how to continue supporting missions upon your return:

1. Pray for missions.

Prayer is our most powerful weapon. We may not be able to be face to face with the people in the places we have served, but we can pray for them and those who work in the field. We can also pray for those who have yet to make the decision to go on a missions trip. Pray their hearts will be opened to how the Lord wants to use them. If you’re wondering what to pray for, here is a list of 31 ways to pray for missions.

2. Become an advocate.

Spread the word! Bring awareness to those you have served — what are their struggles? What can people do to help? Others may not share your experience, but they can connect through your story. Speak at events, share a post-trip email with those who supported you, get people on board to go on the next trip! Do whatever you can to advocate for missions experiences.

  • What has God shown you on your trip?
  • Why would others benefit from a similar experience?
  • What needs remain in other parts of the world and how can YOU make a difference?

3. Give.

FInancial support is often a huge need in ministry. You won’t be able to attend all the mission’s trips, but you can help support what we do onsite! Give a part of your income regularly to the mission’s field to ensure that the Gospel continues to be shared and spread. Or support someone’s mission’s trip fundraiser to help others share your same experience.

Don’t just give your money, but give your time! Help others as they prepare for a mission’s trip experience. Give them guidance and support. Your words are valuable as you’ve already been where they plan to go.

Follow these three suggestions to continue supporting missions even after you return home. And even if you haven’t been on a mission’s trip, you can follow these three steps to support missions from right where you are!

Pray. Advocate. Give.